How To Style The Very Best Real Estate Flyers

How To Design The Very Best Real Estate Flyers

The Internet has made shopping for a home easy. Today’s lower home prices and interest rates make buying a smart decision. The only fly in the ointment these days is getting the loan. So, to avoid disappointment and make sure you end up with the home of your dreams, do your homework and prepare before you shop.

The universe, including you and I, are just as surely connected to each other as we are to the most distant star we can view. One large body is connected, related, intertwined.

The only information I can share is the financial. Typically, a debt to income ratio of at least 50% is preferred as a minimum. So if a family’s income is $3,500 a month, they would preferably have to pay less than $1,750 each month including their future home payments).

I put the word out about needing a new place and a friend told me about a possible House for rent outside of town. She gave me the name of the street she believed it was on and also mentioned that it was a large white house with a green metal roof and that it sat back off the road. She also mentioned that it had been vacant for quite a while. With my current landlord on my back, I had to follow through.

One thing is very good when you are on vacation rental by owner, you can come and go when you give pleasure to, can enjoy a swim in your own pool and can take snack or a meal when you want to do it. That is you are not bound by a hotel schedule. Great home rentals allow you to enjoy your vacation with flexibility, comfort and privacy. If you want to go to Disney World for the morning and then return to your home warm afternoon to relax, so you can do it. After resting and relaxing in the pool yourself, you can return to the amusement park for fun. You can eat when you want it, get up when you want and enter and leave your own schedule.

Times have obviously changed in the Real Estate business. With the continuous advances of the internet more buyers tend to surf the web for homes and narrow down their choices before ever working with a realtor. Most people do not like to be tied down to a realtor especially if they don’t already have a personal relationship with them.

For years, I moved every few years in the United States as I changed from one university teaching job to another. My choice was to always buy even if I knew I would only be in one location for a couple of years. It worked for me financially then because this was done in the 1970’s and 1980’s and it was hard to buy bonuses of any kind that would not increase in value by 5% to 10% a year. Add to that the fact that I seldom paid a large down payment, and this created a financial leverage that always seemed to make me money. Those days are gone in most areas today. I would be much more cautious today before making a purchase in a new area, especially one outside the U.S.

A little longer answer: Would you ask your real estate agent to find you the best life insurance policy? Would you want your travel agent representing you in a court of law? Would you want your insurance agent to sell your house? No, no and no. You need a literary agent-the only kind who can get you a publishing contract and properly protect your interests. Remember, the publishing houses have teams of attorneys who carefully write contracts in the best interests of them, not you. They’re not interested in protecting your rights-they are interested in their own. And believe me, there are a number of ways publishing houses can tie your hands if you don’t know how to read the fine print.

If you or someone you know lives in the Central Florida (Orlando) area, please feel free to refer them to me, I’d also be happy to answer any questions they may have. Due to popular demand we will be offering an email consultation service shortly whereby Florida and out of area clients can take a series of photos of their proposed rooms and send them to us by email. We then assess the photos and provide them with suggestions for improving the look and flow of the room and explain how to stage the room using props and accessories they may already have or can purchase for a nominal cost. Fee: $200 per room, Payment through paypal.

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