Buy Facebook Packages

Buy Facebook Packages

Facebook is one of the most effective and far-reaching marketing and advertising platforms you could use for your brand or business today. As of January 2018, Facebook is closing in on 1.9 billion daily active users – meaning people who log into their accounts and actively interact with content during their time online. It’s an indisputable major player in online marketing, competing with Google Adwords to claim the #1 spot for the preferred marketing platform. Buy Facebook Packages from LikesSupply.


As the social media ruler, with the most daily active users and money spent on advertising, Facebook has clinched the top spot since the start of modern social media close to 12-years ago. The platform has come such a long way that users can use it for literally everything – selling old clothes and furniture, applying for jobs, or testing out Virtual Reality apps within Facebook’s own personal portal.


If you’re intent on leveraging this kind of social power when it comes to the marketing and sales of your business, you’re making a wise investment.


However, like most things technology, it can be hard to keep up with all of the trends, changing marketing parameters, algorithms, and other kinds of requirements if you want to get the most bang for your buck on Facebook. That’s why we’re providing Facebook page packages that cover everything from page likes to actual post likes, improving your standing online and with prospective consumers.


Buy Facebook Packages

When you buy one of our Facebook packages, you are gaining access into two of our most powerful marketing services: Facebook page likes and Facebook post likes. It’s a powerful combination that will support your brand as you grow it into the future.


Let’s look at the two different perks embodied in our Facebook bundles:

Facebook Page Likes

If you’re ready to launch your Facebook business page into stardom, that starts with page likes – the first metric page visitors check out as the gauge your relevance and importance. Facebook likes are a quick and affordable way to boost your social standing. Of course, never lose sight of developing high quality content that is the most important for retaining followers. Buy Facebook Packages from LikesSupply.


But, to give yourself a profitable boost, Facebook page likes get the job done instantly.


Why does my Facebook page need likes applied?


  • Social Presence: With added Facebook page likes, you immediately boost your social presence, communicating to people “you are here, and you are serious.” Presence is important on social media, especially given the imagery emphasis that is placed on platforms.
  • Social Credibility: If you have to pick between two companies for the same product, do you pick the company with 300k page likes, or the company with 30 page likes? Chances are, you go with the 300k option, proving that they have delivered to a greater audience successfully. With added Facebook likes, your brand will receive an unspoken credibility that is hard to ignore.
  • Trend Setting: The “cool” factor is a huge influencer in how people behave and interact on social media. If someone thinks something is cool or part of a trend, they are more inclined to jump onboard. Showcasing thousands of page likes tells a visitor you are a “cool” brand that’s part of something important today. These people are then more likely to tell their friends about you, and the domino effect begins.


Our Facebook page likes start their delivery within just one-hour! The rest are applied gradually so as to keep your account legitimate and safe. 

 Buy Facebook Packages

 Facebook Post Likes

After Facebook page likes comes Facebook post likes: the likes and interactions placed on specific posts you put on your Facebook page. You can choose from our dozens of post interaction levels, depending your requirement, to ensure the kind of engagement you need to be successful is provided.


Why do I need reactions on my individual Facebook posts?


  • Social Credibility: People pay attention to the amount of likes that are applied to a post on Facebook. If you disagree, you are lying to yourself. You will notice, slowly but surely, that people will start trusting your brand or product more and more as they see the high levels of support and engagement placed beneath each of your posts. More likes and reactions means that people love what they see. Positivity goes a long way.
  • Algorithm Configuration: Facebook has an algorithm which configures what posts are ranked higher in timelines today. To come to its conclusion, the Facebook algorithm factors in engagement with each post. The more likes and reactions on your content, the more Facebook thinks it’s important and worthy of sharing with users. Facebook post likes are an easy way to bypass what can be an obstacle to growth.
  • Organic Growth: You will be pleasantly surprised to see that your reactions and likes will keep increasing with each passing day. With us, you buy a set number of likes and they increase at a steady pace, essentially doubling or tripling the effects of your purchase. The only investment to make after that is in time.

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